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How To Buy Cryptocurrencies With Guardarian

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How To Buy Crypto On Guardarian

Guardarian is a fiat-to-crypto solutions provider. They created a safe and fast crypto exchange platform for their customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without registration. Guardarian's goal is to provide exceptional customer experience through offering best possible exchange rates on a market, dealing transparently without additional or hidden fees, making the whole process enjoyable for the customer. Guardarian is integrated into major cryptocurrency companies like NEM, ChangeNOW and Guarda Wallet.

Guardarian a licensed financial company in a field of providing virtual currency services. They require KYC (Know your Customer) and have a strong KYC/AML procedure developed especially for cryptocurrencies services based on their long term experience in the field of virtual currencies. They are available in 170+ countries.

What payment methods are available (or does it depend on the coin)?

Customers can buy crypto on Guardarian with bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, SEPA, or Swift. The payment methods are applicable to all coins.

What is the KYC process like and how long does it take?

Guardarian's KYC takes up to 5 minutes to complete and follows similarly to other exchange vendors’ KYC process. It’s our policy not to give out specifics. For you to be given access to their services, you need to verify your identity by the KYC requirements of the company. They only accept valid international passports, a National ID card/Residence permit, and a Driving license as a valid means of identification.

They'll also ask you for a 3D Liveness Check or Selfie photograph which requires camera access on the device you are using.

Do they send the coins directly to customer's wallets or do they have their own custodial wallet?

They send crypto directly to users’ wallets. They don't have hidden or additional network fees.

If you're looking for more options to purchase main coins such as bitcoin, ethereum, and monero, check out Guardarian. They even have some meme coins such as dogecoin, kishu inu, and hoge finance. 

Buy Meme Coins is a website that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to buy the hottest meme coins. We do not require KYC or verification, and all sales are done by individual vendors with various payment methods. We strive to create the best marketplace for our customers and only recommend coins or exchanges that we believe are safe. This blog post does not serve as an endorsement and we cannot be held liable for any action taken because of this blog post. Guardarian is a separate entity and we reserve the right to make changes or updates to this post if we receive information that contradicts what we have written.



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