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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
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This product is electronically distributed. was launched in May 2021. It provides multiple tools designed to help BSC traders get an edge. The MOONARCH token is used to unlock the Premium features of the website. Trading tokens can be complex since they are often not tracked on popular websites, and is here to fill this void, all in real-time.

Moonarch features include: * The "Wallet" tool lists the tokens in the user's address, along with their value and their recent evolution. It also displays the total worth of the wallet. It will soon be possible to add several wallets and get a merged networth. * The "Top gainers" tool lists the tokens that gained the most value recently. The goal is to see which tokens are pumping in real-time and decide whether to join the train. More information about each token is going to be added soon to help take this decision, like the Marketcap or the Liquidity. * The "Token events" tool lists the tokens that were recently made tradable on PancakeSwap, or had their ownership renounced. The goal is to be among the first people to notice the new tokens and buy before an eventual increase of their value. * The "Whale watch" tool allows to enter addresses and watch their transactions happen in real-time. The user can follow market makers and copy their moves for example.

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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
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