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Plants Vs. Undead (PVU)

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
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Plant vs Undead is a blockchain game built on Binance Smart Chain where your plants are your NFTs. There are two game mode: farm simulation and Tower defense. All game modes reward PVU. PVU can be used on marketplace, New Offering.

PVU main goals are: Free-to-play, Play-to-earn, and Competitive gaming: 1. Free-to-play: No initial-investment required. There are basic plants to start from zero. 2. Play-to-earn: All modes in PVU offer play-to-earn. 3. Competitive gaming: PVU main mode will be 1v1 where players compete on leaderboard. PVU is designed to reach esport standard.

Marketplace: allow buy and sell plants/mother trees/lands. Gamified Staking: PVU simulates the process of a real gardener.

The market is now flooded with pet-oriented NFT game. Plants/ Mother Trees is a new concept in Blockchain gaming. However, it doesn’t carry the “new-idea” risk. Since Plants vs Zombies or Stardew Valley have proven to be a success, PVU offer 2 new-but-not-new aspects: Tower defense, Farmer Simulation.

PVU has unique and competitive gameplay. On top of that, there is already a Demo on website. Other pet games mostly use an old or typical combat system. Casual game: suitable for mobile device, which will be a big advantage to expand PVU universe.

There are two products for PVU tokens: the tower defense game and the Farm mode. 1. Farm mode: Web-based staking. PVU encourages people to trade and hold assets before official launch in October. 2. 1v1 mode. Goal: Testnet version ready in September

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