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What is Meme?

Meme is a project that combines the innovations of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and DeFi. Token holders can stake MEME tokens in farming contracts which allow users to earn reward points. Reward points are used to redeem crypto arts in the form of NFTs. If you missed out on farming these arts, you can purchase them from the secondary market on OpenSea. Independent artists can also apply to release their original NFTs on the Meme platform.

This community-led project quickly grew towards the end of DeFi summer in 2020, sparking a renaissance for digital art. A major driver has been the strong community that constantly educates participants in the crypto space about NFTs.

Today, the project is still growing strong by curating world-renowned artists and serving as a launchpad for rising creators every week. To date, the Meme project has worked with over 30 artists and achieved 6,700 unique NFT holders and $9.5 million worth of secondary market trade for NFTs issued by Meme. 

The Meme project has recently released its version 2 platform which comes with upgrades such as a new user interface, better backend flexibility, and it becomes easier for new art and drops to be deployed. Meme has also recently announced that it will be teaming up with other industry giants to create a new NFT platform, Nifty’s, which aims to become a social gallery for NFT art with intuitive publishing tools. 

What are MEME Tokens?

MEME is the native token of the Meme project. Users stand a chance to mint exclusive NFT art from artists around the globe by staking their MEME tokens. By staking their tokens, users receive credits known as pineapples tokens that can be used to redeem these NFTs. Additionally, MEME tokens can also be used to bid on the many pieces of art that are regularly auctioned on the platform.

What crypto arts are available on Meme?

Meme started off by launching original meme-based artworks centered around the platform in the genesis pool. A few months later, Meme began collaborating with digital artists to launch special drops. Artists who have collaborated with the Meme project include Sven Eberwein, Jon Noorlander, VansDesign, and more.

For even rarer releases, Meme conducts NFT auctions to sell the artwork to the highest bidder. The proceeds of the auction typically go to the artist, the Meme treasury, and donations.

How do I get MEME tokens?

You can obtain MEME tokens by purchasing them from This website is a marketplace for meme coins not a cryptocurrency exchange